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Jio Fiber Free 30 Days Trial + Plan Details

Jio fiber is so confident on the speed of its broadband and the quality of their service, thats why they offering you if you do not like it after using Jio fiber, then within 30 days you return it and take full money. What can be better than this? No questions will be asked at the time of return, if you do not like any service or net speed, then you can return it.

जिओ मोबाइल प्रीपेड और पोस्टपेड की दुनिया में तहलका मचाने के बाद अब ब्रॉडबैंड में भी अपनी पैठ बनाने की कोशिश कर रहा है| 



How to get Jio Fiber Free 30 Days Trial?

  1. Visit deal page here
  2. Enter your Name  Email..
  3. Submit and verify OTP.
  4. At next page, you need to fill your address etc.
  5. Jio Fiber will contact you for further details.
  6. Choose Plan and go for it.
  7. Return in 30 days if you have any issue.


Are in dilemma, which plan should you go for? In this post, we are telling you which plan of Jio, you should take and which plan suits you best. Keep in mind that you will have to pay additional GST charges for the total amount of the plan. Apart from this, check this post in detail and know which plan you will be beneficial for.


Jio Fiber Monthly Rental plan (1st 30 Days free, you will be charged after 30 days period is over)

  • Jio Fiber Rs. 399 Plan: This is base offer, In this plan, you have to pay 399 rupees and you get 30 MBs downloading speed and unlimited voice calls. This plan is good for students and if you want to pay very minimum for broadband connection.
  • Jio Fiber Rs. 699 Plan: Rs. 699 plan is best if you are in budget but you need good speed, you only have to pay ₹ 699 and you get a speed of 100 Mbps which is quite enough for games, videos or other tasks.
  • Jio Fiber Rs. 999 Plan: In this plan, you get 150 Mbps speed as well as 14 free apps which monthly subscription charges of Rs 1000, you get all this at Rs 999.
  • Jio Fiber Rs. 1499 Plan: This plan is good for small business or office in which you get 300 Mbps speed and you can use multiple connections + you also get 15 Free apps for this monthly rental is Rs. 1500 but for this you No additional fees will be charged.
  • Jio Fiber Rs. 2499 Plan:- You get 500mb/ps speed + 15 Apps worth Rs. 1650 monthly for free. This plan is very good for small offices, in which they can use 10 to 15 computers simultaneously. 
  • Jio Fiber Rs. 3999 Plan: 1 Gbps downloading speed and 15 apps worth Rs. 1650 monthly + unlimited voice call. All this in price of Rs. 3999 monthly. This plan is good for big offices, you can use net in many computers simultaneously, yet you will get good speed and all your tasks will be done easily.
  • Jio Fiber Rs. 8499 Plan: In this plan you will get all the features of Jio fiber 3999 i.e. 1 Gbps speed +  you get 15 Apps worth Rs. 1800 monthly subscription for free.


If you do not want to spend much money on the Internet, then take a plan of Rupesh 699, it will be enough for you and if you run a small business or small office which has 5 to 10 computers, then in our opinion you should go with Rs. 1499 plan.

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